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Bandar Seri Begawan - The Ministry of Communications has issued a reminder to the public on the need to have a valid licence for the ownership of TVRO (commonly known as the "Parabola") in Brunei Darussalam. TVRO was first introduced into Brunei Darussalam in the 1990s and has remained one of the popular media for household entertainment.

However, not many are aware of the licences that come along with TVRO ownership under the Broadcasting Act (Chapter 180).

Recently, a dialogue was held at the Ministry of Communications with TVRO dealers to address the selling of TVRO equipment. The dialogue was chaired by Dato Paduka Haji Awang Alaihuddin bin POKDG Seri Lela Dato Seri Utama Haji Mohd Taha, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Communications. The chairman highlighted that licenced TVRO dealers should only sell their equipments to valid TVRO licence holders.

Under Section 23 of the Broadcasting Act (Chapter 180), a licence is required for installing and owning TVRO equipment. The annual licence fee for public to own a TVRO equipment (FST) is $360 per unit, cafes and restaurants (FSR) $500 per unit and for apartments and hotels (FSC) $1,200 per unit.

The said TVRO licence can be applied at the Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) on behalf of the Ministry of Communications.

Section 41 Broadcasting Act (Cap 180) states that unlicensed installation and operation of TVRO equipment will be subject to a fine up to $40,000 with two years imprisonment or both whereas equipment will be seized by the government.

The public is encouraged to obtain a valid licence to avoid getting penalised or caught for illegally owning TVRO equipment. The requirement to have a TVRO licence has been around since the 1990s, which was under the purview of Jabatan Telekom Brunei and later under the Prime Minister's Office, before it was transferred to the Ministry of Communications on May 21, 2008.

The Ministry of Communications will continuously monitor to ensure all TVRO equipment owners in Brunei Darussalam have a valid TVRO licence. The ministry advises all consumers to purchase TVRO equipment through local licenced dealers. -

The licence application forms are available at the AiTi Office and applicants must submit their completed forms as follows:

Licence Application Forms available at:
Customer Service Counter Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry Brunei Darussalam (AITI), Block 13 Simpang 32-5, Kg Anggerek Desa, Jalan Berakas, BB3717, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673 232 3232

Annual TVRO Ownership Licensing Fees:
Personal (FST): $360.00 per unit


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Taylor Swift - The Story Of Us.

I used to think one day we'd tell the story of us,
How we met and the sparks flew instantly,
People would say, "They're the lucky ones."
I used to know my place was a spot next to you,
Now I'm searching the room for an empty seat,
'Cause lately I don't even know what page you're on.

Oh, a simple complication,
Miscommunications lead to fall-out.
So many things that I wish you knew,
So many walls that I can't break through.

Now I'm standing alone in a crowded room and we're not speaking,
And I'm dying to know is it killing you like it's killing me, yeah?
I don't know what to say, since the twist of fate when it all broke down,
And the story of us looks a lot like a tragedy now.

Next chapter.

How'd we end up this way?
See me nervously pulling at my clothes and trying to look busy,
And you're doing your best to avoid me.
I'm starting to think one day I'll tell the story of us,
How I was losing my mind when I saw you here,
But you held your pride like you should've held me.

Oh, I'm scared to see the ending,
Why are we pretending this is nothing?
I'd tell you I miss you but I don't know how,
I've never heard silence quite this loud.

Now I'm standing alone in a crowded room and we're not speaking,
And I'm dying to know is it killing you like it's killing me, yeah?
I don't know what to say, since the twist of fate when it all broke down,
And the story of us looks a lot like a tragedy now.

This is looking like a contest,
Of who can act like they care less,
But I liked it better when you were on my side.
The battle's in your hands now,
But I would lay my armor down
If you said you'd rather love than fight.
So many things that you wished I knew,
But the story of us might be ending soon.

Now I'm standing alone in a crowded room and we're not speaking,
And I'm dying to know is it killing you like it's killing me, yeah?
I don't know what to say, since the twist of fate when it all broke down,
And the story of us looks a lot like a tragedy now, now, now.
And we're not speaking,
And I'm dying to know is it killing you like it's killing me, yeah?
I don't know what to say, since the twist of fate 'cause we're going down,
And the story of us looks a lot like a tragedy now.

The end.


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My FAVORITE sites!

MP3 vs MP4 vs MP5 :D

LOL. Antara ketiga-tiga jenis MP, MP5 yang paling cool! :D

Dialog pasangan bercinta.

Ini adalah kisah satu pasangan yang akan bercinta :-

L: ye! abang dah lama tnggu saat ini!
P: abang nak tinggalkan sayang ke?
L: mestilah tak..?? tolong jangan fkir macam tu.. tak mungkin terjadi..!!!
P: abang cintakan sayangkan?
L: ye..tiap hari..
P: abang pernah tipu sayang tak?
L: tak! kenapa sayag selalu tanya macam tu?
P: abang akan selalu keluar dengan sayang tak?
L: setiap kali ada peluang abang tak kan lepaskan..
P: abang akan pukul sayang?
L: giler ke?abang bkn lelaki camtu!
P: boleh ke sayang percayakan abang?
L: yaa!
P: sayang!

Sila baca dari bawah hingga atas.

Sumber :

• Starving: When you suddenly start starving themselves. Diets that severely restrict calories or the types of food 'allowed' can lead you to be deficient in the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs.

• Dieting: US scientists conducting a comprehensive review of dieting research have concluded that dieting does not work. Through dieting you can initially lose 5 to 10 percent of your weight on any number of diets, but then the weight comes back. A few of the essential elements of any diet are that it must result in long-term changes in eating patterns, and it must be individualized to you and your lifestyle. It must also include 3 meals a day, contain adequate calories for you to function and stay healthy, and it must contain a good balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fat. And once you start dieting your body gets deficient of important nutrition.

• Liquid diet: Liquid Diet consists of Fresh Fruit Extract, Fruit shake, Coffee, Milk, Protein shake, Soup. It's true someone on a liquid diet can lose up to 6lbs in 2-3 days only. But most of the lost weight is just water and as soon as you drink you will gain back the lost weight. And once you got bored of the liquid diet, and start eating again, the weight can come back and more if you are not carefull. The reason for gaining more weight this time is because during the time you are on a liquid diet your metabolism got used on just burning few calories, so when you go back to your normal calories intake your body (metabolism) will be slow already in burning those calories and that leaves you gaining more weight.

• Only vegetables: Vegetables are good for health however no food alone could ever cause us to lose weight, there is no such thing as the best single weight loss food. There are two types of vegetables: starchy and nonstarchy. Both types are part of a proper diet, but whereas nonstarchy varieties can be eaten in abundance, starchy selections contain more sugar, hence portion size need to be kept in check. Starchy vegetables include corn, peas, plantains, potatoes, squash, and yams. Choose dark green and dark yellow vegetables most often, such as romaine lettuce, broccoli, spinach, peppers, chilies, and carrots. To incorporate more veggies into your diet, add some to the foods you already eat, such as omelets, lasagna, casseroles, soup, and pasta dishes.

• Dieting pills: Diet pills are really magical but Diet pills can be extremely dangerous for your health. Most of these diet pills work by curbing your appetite so that you can lower you calorie intake. But if you lower your calorie intake, your metabolism rate might drop down too. So it's really a very short term solution to weight loss. Diet pills can cause many diseases also.

Some side effects of Dieting:
• Dizziness
• Gastroenteric Disorder
• Helplessness, Depression
• Constipation
• Edema
• Undergrowth
• Skin Abnormalities
• Menstrual Irregularities
• Osteoporosis
So any single way doesn't works to lose weight. It also varies from person to person depending upon your body. So never starve yourself. Take a balanced diet, exercise regularly and keep yourself active.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Rebutlah keistimewaan Lailatulqadar

Oleh Hasrulraizan

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, 19 Ogos - Lailatulqadar merupakan satu malam yang dianugerahkan Allah Ta'ala khusus untuk umat Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wassalam, maka ia perlu menjadi rebutan seluruh umat Islam di dunia ini memandangkan nilai ibadah yang dilakukan di malam istimewa itu adalah lebih baik daripada seribu bulan.

Alangkah beruntungnya orang yang memperoleh keistimewaan malam Lailatulqadar kerana ia merupakan satu malam yang dianugerahkan oleh Allah Ta'ala khusus untuk umat Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wassalam bagi memuliakan mereka, iaitu pemberian itu tidak pernah berlaku kepada umat-umat sebelum.

Menurut Khatib, umat Islam perlu mencontohi Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wassalam yang lebih mempertingkatkan lagi amalan Baginda sebaik saja memasuki malam ke-21 Ramadhan iaitu dengan beriktikaf di masjid, membangunkan anggota keluarga Baginda untuk bersolat dan sebagainya.

Itu jelas menunjukkan bahawa Baginda benar-benar berusaha untuk memperoleh Lailatulqadar itu, ujar Khatib lanjut dalam Khutbah Jumaat hari ini.

Khatib menyatakan, Ramadan memberi kesempatan atau peluang terbaik bagi umat Islam untuk meningkatkan lagi iman dan takwa kepada Allah Ta'ala dengan mengerjakan amal ibadat.

Sebagaimana yang diketahui bersama bahawa di dalam bulan Ramadan ini terdapat satu malam yang dinamakan Lailatulqadar yang penuh keberkatan dan mempunyai keistimewaan, dengan nilai ibadahnya lebih baik daripada seribu bulan, sebagaimana firman Allah Ta'ala dalam Surah Al-Qadar Ayat 3, ujar Khatib lagi.

"Sesungguhnya mereka yang dapat melakukan apa jua jenis ibadat sama ada solat, membaca Al-Quran, berzikir dan lain-lain pada malam Lailatulqadar dengan penuh rasa keimanan dan ketakwaan, nescaya dia akan mendapat kedudukan yang sangat tinggi di sisi Allah Ta'ala dan mendapat ganjaran pahala yang berlipat kali ganda yang tiada terhitung oleh sesiapa pun jua."

Adapun hikmah kenapa kita tidak dapat mengetahui bila berlakunya Lailatulqadar adalah supaya kita akan berusaha dengan bersungguh-sungguh untuk beribadat pada setiap malam di bulan Ramadan supaya dapat bertemu dengan Lailatulqadar dan tidak akan hanya beribadat pada malam tertentu saja.

Pada malam itu Allah Ta'ala mengampunkan dosa-dosa bagi mereka yang beribadat dengan penuh keikhlasan serta mengharap keredaan Allah Ta'ala sebagaimana dalam sebuah hadis Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wassalam yang diriwayatkan oleh Imam Bukhary, kongsi Khatib lanjut.

Khatib menyeru supaya umat Islam di Negara ini merebut peluang keemasan di malam-malam sepuluh terakhir Ramadan dengan meningkatkan dan membanyakkan amal ibadat, di samping meninggalkan perkara yang sia-sia.

"Apa yang diharapkan semoga kita dipertemukan dengan malam istimewa berkenaan kerana kita tidak pasti adakah kita akan bertemu lagi dengan bulan Ramadan pada tahun hadapan."

"Oleh yang demikian, kita sepatutnya mencontohi apa yang dilakukan oleh Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wassalam dalam meningkatkan amal ibadat bagi mendapatkan keistimewaan Lailatulqadar."

Diambil dari MediaPermata.

Banyakkan berdoa di akhir Ramadan

Oleh Hasrulraizan

Haji Saharuddin menyampaikan ceramah khas Ramadan di Jame' 'Asr Hassanil Bolkiah selepas Solat Fardu Jumaat.

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, 19 Ogos - "Rugi jika sepi daripada berdoa di bulan Ramadan, maka rebutlah kesempatan dan peluang mustajabnya berdoa di bulan Ramadan ini dengan memperbanyakkan berdoa pada setiap ketika dan keadaan."

Haji Saharuddin Haji Petra turut mengungsikan bahawa jumlah mereka yang diberi keampunan oleh Allah Ta'ala di akhir-akhir Ramadan ini adalah lebih ramai berbanding setiap hari di bulan-bulan lain.

Beliau turut mengatakan bahawa setiap ibadat yang dilakukan di sepanjang bulan Ramadan ini dijanjikan pahala yang berlipat kali ganda berbanding di bulan-bulan lain seperti contoh ibadah wajib boleh berganda dari 70-700,000 kali ganda, ibadat sunat digandakan sehingga seperti pahala ibadah wajib di bulan lain.

Setelah menunaikan pelbagai ibadat di bulan yang penuh rahmat dan keberkatan ini, umat Islam perlu berdoa kepada Allah Ta'ala supaya menerima segala ibadat yang telah dilakukan itu dan kemudiannya bertawakal iaitu berserah kepada Allah Ta'ala, ujarnya lagi.

Dalam Ceramah Khas selepas Solat Fardu Jumaat Sempena Ramadan 1432H di Jame' 'Asr Hassanil Bolkiah hari ini, Haji Saharuddin turut mengungsikan adab-adab berdoa.

Antaranya ialah seseorang itu perlu yakin bahawa doanya itu akan dimakbulkan oleh Allah Ta'ala kerana menurut Haji Saharuddin Allah Ta'ala tidak akan membiarkan kosong tadahan tangan seseorang itu ketika berdoa.

Beliau menjelaskan lanjut termakbulnya doa itu boleh saja tunai iaitu ketika masih hidup di dunia ini, dan boleh juga lain daripada yang diminta kerana mungkin yang diminta itu tidak baik di sisi Allah Ta'ala maka Allah Ta'ala berikan ganti dengan sesuatu yang baik di sisi Allah Ta'ala, dan boleh juga ketika di akhirat nanti iaitu ditukar menjadi amal soleh seseorang itu.

Beliau seterusnya menyatakan adab berdoa itu ialah jangan mendoakan sesuatu yang tidak baik bagi orang lain tetapi yang baik-baik saja, dan ketika berdoa perlu khusyuk walaupun tidak sepenuhnya.

Seseorang yang berdoa itu juga perlu mengawal nada suaranya, lebih mustajab diiringi doanya itu dengan menyebut nama-nama dan sifat-sifat Allah Ta'ala, mengakui kita berdosa dan lemah, memuji Allah Ta'ala dan berselawat ke atas Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wassalam di awal doa.

Lebih afdal menadahkan tangan ketika berdoa, dalam keadaan berwuduk, menangis dan benar-benar berharap kala berdoa, dan mengambil kesempatan waktu-waktu istimewa mustajabnya berdoa seperti bulan Ramadan ini, tambah Haji Saharuddin lagi.

Diambil dari MediaPermata.

5 sahaja dibenarkan jual mercun

Oleh Rafidah Jumat

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, 21 Ogos - Hanya lima buah syarikat iaitu B-Win Trading & Marketing, Y.C.M Enterprise, Othman Ghazali Trading, Kiong Tiong Sdn Bhd dan Perniagaan Kukoh Bersatu dibenarkan oleh Pasukan Polis Diraja Brunei untuk mengimport bunga api untuk dijual kepada orang ramai sempena sambutan Hari Raya Aidil Fitri yang bakal menjelang tiba.

Polis telah menyenaraikan sebahagian daripada mercun dan bunga api yang mendapat kelulusan seperti pop pop snappers, glow of sunset, reconnaisance plane, spanish cracker, double view flowers fireworks, 0439 bumble bee, T6508 spurter fireworks, W669 five color cracker ball, T1659 jack in the box surprised, T6241 40'S magical shots, 3000'S jubilation firecrackers, 500'S shun lee hung firecrackers, assorted fireworks, sailing boat firecrackers, snowflakes, electric sparkle 12, city fest fountain, crazy robots dan racing car.

Di sebalik keghairahan membeli mercun, polis turut menyenaraikan nama mercun yang tidak diluluskan untuk penjualan kepada orang ramai seperti KO201-1 mini Jorge fireworks, KO201-3 jorge fireworks, FE9030 2000'S big red crackers, ground cakes, mini jorge fireworks, jorge fireworks, JYF0645-3 dragon eggs, W5268 spring butterflies, K0101 spanish cracker, 0445D-3 whistling moon traveler, K7702A happy planet 9 shot dan BW 10251 best rich 25 shots.

Penjual hendaklah membeli mercun dan bunga api daripada pengimport yang mendapat kebenaran sahaja. Sebagai langkah keselamatan, polis menasihatkan orang ramai supaya menitikberatkan keselamatan semasa bermain mercun dan bunga api kerana ianya boleh mengundang bahaya kepada mereka yang bermain mercun dan juga kepada orang lain.

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Here, I share some links where you can get the latest and updated news about Naruto!

Enjoy! ;)


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