Wednesday, August 26, 2009

5th day of Ramadhan.

Emm, i feel hungry haha. But it's ok i still can afford my hunger.

What will i eat for Sungkai?
maybe Mee tiaw.. WA!! Yummy!

Bad day in school =(

This morning, my friend (SHE) didnt talk to me.. Not DIDNT but she just like dont want to talk with me.

She mad with me? or She sad because of her result?

Everyone's sad of their result but dont BLAME me! It just like u blame at me!

ARRRGGHHH! WTH?! Ops im fasting haha..


The June O Level result had been released on 24th August, last Monday.

Thanks Allah, because i've got 2 O's out of 3 which is geo and maths = C and English, still D!!

Most of my friends didnt get O's in their June but I'll keep saying NEVER GIVE UP AND YOU CAN DO BETTER FOR NOVEMBER! XIA YAO!! <3

FOr Qualfying exam i've past 5 subjects and combined science i got U haha. Now im still waiting for Malay mark.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Love is complicated.

It is really complicated.
You say you love her. But is that what your heart say?
You say you do. But is that what in ur mind?

I love to be loved.
But Love make me sick!
However, that's what lifes mean.
And I enjoy my life now.
Even though it's still complicated but..
idk LoL.

Qualifying exam is OVER!

Yay! At last, the exam's over. I feel lil bit relax but people say that June O level result will be release today. However, it's NOT! Im tired of waiting..

About the qualifying exam,
Engish - thanks god i've got 'C' haha..
Combined Science - Shit! its quite difficult.
Maths - paper 1, only 3 got credit. not including me huhu. paper 2, not yet.
IRK - paper 1, its easy! paper2, idk what to say.
Geography - Paper 1 - ok la~ Paper 2 - emm, im not ready for the exam so just wait for the result.
History - Paper 1 - I use dice haha. Paper 2 - emm, 50/50 cause I didnt answer section B.
Malay - Paper 1 - quite good. Paper 2 - no comment haha.

i hope i could pass more than 3/4 subjects.. i didnt target too much in my qualifying. Just wait for my November exam. =)


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